39/20 Alliance

Regional partnership that promotes municipal cooperation to over 4000 citizens between the Towns of Calmar, Villages of Warburg, Thorsby and Breton.

Warburg, Alberta Canada
In late 2007, four communities along highways 39 and 20 met to discuss working on various economic resources that could be addressed collectively for the region’s benefit. This brought the four communities –the Town of Calmar and Villages of Thorsby, Warburg and Breton – to a new level of co-operation, and has helped build efficient working relationships between the communities. In 2011, those discussions came to fruition.


By merging regionally, the 39/20 Alliance is an economic leader, providing increased levels of service while realizing the cost-benefits achieved through partnership.
39/20 Alliance Values

The 39/20 Alliance members act in the best interests of the Alliance and its residents in a genuine effort to make improvements

Fiscal Responsibility
Alliance members take the spending of public dollars with great responsibility and strive to achieve the greatest return for dollars spent

The Alliance understands the need for communicating its activities and their results, and for ongoing dialogue with stakeholders

The Alliance values honesty and openness in the conduct of its activities

All Alliance members are equal in the decision-making process

One of the primary aims of the Alliance is to promote economic development opportunities within the region and to provide support to the existing business community in order to create wealth and improve quality of life for the region’s residents.
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