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Bylaw 176-21 Election of the Office of Mayor

 Bylaw 176-21
Election of the Office of Mayor

The Village of Warburg is asking for public input regarding the proposal of Village of Warburg Bylaw 176-21 to provide for the election of the Office of Mayor by a vote of the electors of the Village of Warburg.

Currently voters in the Village elect 5 Councillors during municipal elections for a term of 4 years. Then the Councillors, from amongst themselves, name a Mayor and Deputy Mayor. These positions are then reviewed annually at the October Organizational meeting of Council.

Bylaw 176-21 would change the process. Voters would elect 4 Councillors and 1 Mayor during municipal elections. These positions would be for a term of 4 years.

Please forward your input via mail to Box 29, Warburg, AB T0C 2T0, via email to: cao@warburg.ca or in writing to our office at 5212-50 Avenue, Warburg AB T0C 2T0 before April 7, 2021. Bylaw 176-21 will be part of the Agenda for the April 12, 2021 Regular meeting of Council.