Doing Business In Warburg

Doing Business In Warburg

The Village has a number of business friendly features including:

  • Due to lower assessment values, property taxes in the Village are competitive across the region
  • Village Administration is responsive and supportive to local business
  • Flexible zoning where applicable and customer-focused service delivery
  • A Council that wants to support smart investment
  • The low cost of industrial and commercial land creates a very compelling investment advantage

The Village and surrounding region is home to an active and experienced workforce. Highlights of the Village labour force includes:

Participation             -Lowest unemployment within the region

Experience                -Well-suited to equipment operation, fabrication, trades

Skilled Workforce     -15% of adult residents have a trade certificate, above provincial average of 10%

Interested investors will find an authentic community and leadership with a ‘can do’ attitude that wants to partner in success. Warburg is developing a number of programs to attract investment including:

  • Property/façade improvement incentive
  • Land incentives - Village owned vacant lots
  • Business residential zoning for live/work flexibility
  • Stimulating use of vacant properties

Discover Warburg

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