Local Economy

Entrepreneurial Community

There is an active entrepreneurial community with long term business owners who promote supporting local:

  • 13% of Warburg’s labour force is self-employed, highest in the region
  • 62% of residents indicate having local shopping options as being very important, and on average are willing to support 13% above ‘big city prices’ for the convenience of shopping local
  • 2,700 residents in the immediate (15-min drive) trading area; 13,000 within a half-hour drive

Retail analysis indicates potential to capture $1 million in additional spending within the Village through increased local offerings, highlighting potential commercial growth in area, and $3.3 million when considering the broader trading area

Our economic roots are in agriculture, energy and serving our local trading area while we look to the future through increasing connectivity and diversification.

Economic Pillars:

Key Businesses:

·   Agribusiness

·   Construction

·   Energy Production

·   Manufacturing

·   Utilities

·   Mining

·   Martin Deerline

·   Warburg Seed Cleaning Plant

·   Apollo Concrete

·   Buck Mountain Gas Cooperative

·   Small and Medium Energy Companies in the region

·   Area Agricultural Operations

The Village and business community share a vision of adding to the existing commercial base:

  • Supporting and promoting local enterprises, including in neighbouring communities and rural
  • Attracting new ventures offering unique and interesting products and services
  • Increasing the vibrancy of the commercial core and local shopping options
  • Tapping into resident support, which values (and is willing to pay) for good local options
  • Strengthening the Village's long-standing role as a regional trading hub
  • Developing synergies with regional initiatives like lake area tourism, agri-business/local foods, energy generation and digital economy

Local Commercial Opportunities

Reach out to us if you have an idea for a local business that can provide unique services to residents and create employment. We'd love to hear from you and can help!